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Curvilinear and organic formations found in nature often associated with life,
growth, and regenerative energy inform Charles Schwall’s paintings. In each work, interdependent elements create compositions that explore organic systems and evoke flora and fauna of the natural world. Schwall’s approach employs additive and reductive processes of layering paint, as well as a refined use of gesture, contour, silhouette, and color. The works possess subtle relationships among shape, line, hand-rendered edges and surfaces that reveal a sense of touch.

Schwall lives and maintains his studio in Kansas City. The Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis represents his work. His paintings have been shown in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, including, New York, Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, and Asuncion, Paraguay. His work has also been included in exhibitions that address color as a language and abstraction. Awards and residencies include Anderson Ranch in Colorado, Vermont Studio Center, and Ragdale in Chicago.

As an educator, Schwall has extensively studied the educational system in the municipality of Reggio Emilia, Italy. He co-edited and co-authored the first and second editions of the book, In the Spirit of the Studio, Learning from the Atelier of Reggio Emilia. He is currently the pedagogical curator for The St. Michael School of Clayton.

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